DCS Associates Co., Ltd. was establised in October 2003 by Mr. Chanin Aiyarak, a licensed civil engineer. During that period, there were not many engineering design firms in Phuket.
Mr. Chanin Aiyarak is experienced working as a freelance engineer in the design and construction supervision in the area of ​​Phuket , so he decide to use the experience and expertise in these area to establish DCS Associates Company Limited to provide engineering design services in support of the expansion of real estate in Phuket recovering from the 1997 Asian financial crisis.
In the early stages, after the establishment of the company, DCS began to work on residential projects. Particularly, more of the private luxury residential works as Mr. Chanin has a deep understanding of the nature of Phuket and nearby areas.
DCS Associates provided excellent services and designs that is based on engineering principles. We have earned the trust of many homeowners, developers , architects and interior design firms. Later on, we were receiving more variety of works such as resorts, hotels, beach clubs.
Many of our designs also included real estate developments, land developments, public utility designs and government buildings, etc. DCS Associates also branched out accepting many works in Thailand and other countries as well.
In 2017, Mr. Chanin saw the importance of BIM technology in the construction industry. Therefore, the concept of BIM has begun to be applied in engineering design. We are the first engineering design company in Thailand to use BIM in designing.
DCS Associates has chosen various of BIM softwares to our design process and support the concept of BIM. We have also introduced new technologies in design and construction to develop the design and construction industry in Thailand. Until now, the company has been a leader in engineering design technology in this region.
- DCS Associates is a member of -
The Council of Engineers Thailand (COET) is a statutory body under the Engineer Act, B.E. 2542 (1999). The professional engineering services in Thailand are regulated and controlled under the Act which is the central regulatory body for engineering services in Thailand.

DCS Associates Member# 256/47 Since 2004
The Structural Engineering Association of Thailand (SEAT) was founded on March 26, 2019, to address the challenges and incidents arising from rapid development in Thailand's construction sector between 2015 and 2019. This period saw extensive growth in both public and private construction projects, including significant infrastructure like bridges and high-speed railways, as well as unique high-rise buildings. The growth necessitated advanced construction technologies and strict adherence to schedules, but also led to some adverse events affecting safety and well-being. 
The Phuket Chamber of Commerce is an important organization based in Phuket, Thailand, that plays a pivotal role in developing and advocating for the interests of local businesses. Established to support the local business community, it offers a platform for networking, sharing business experiences, and engaging with government entities. The Chamber organizes various trade shows and events, contributing significantly to the local economy by promoting business interests.
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