At the heart of the new HeadStart International School campus in Phuket, DCS Associates' civil and structural engineering expertise is foundational to the Phase 1 development. Our dedicated team has meticulously designed and engineered a suite of essential facilities, including the football pitch buildings, basketball and parking structures, a 50-meter swimming pool, and associated building infrastructure.
Embracing BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, we ensured precision and efficiency throughout the design process. This advanced methodology allowed for a holistic view of the project, facilitating seamless integration of our internal concrete roads, retaining walls, and storm drainage systems into the lush mountainside terrain.
Our innovative use of BIM technology not only optimized the construction process but also enhanced the sustainability and longevity of the campus infrastructure. 
DCS Associates is proud to contribute to a space that cultivates academic excellence, with our engineering forming the physical foundation for future learning and growth.

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